How to Use Maca Root for Weight Loss

Maca is a natural herb that grows in the forest. The herb was first used by the Inca people to boost sex drive in men. The herb was also used in eliminating infertility problems in men and women.

Maca has also been recommended to assist in weight loss. The logic behind this argument is that the herb is a reliable source of energy.

How Maca Root Works:

When you don’t have enough energy, you are more likely to laze around because of fatigue. At the end of it all, you gain a lot of weight even when you don’t eat much because the food is stored as fat. The fat is only burned when you become more active.

Maca fruit is not taken in its solid form. It’s actually the root that is dried and ground to make powder that can be added into foods and drinks.

Red Maca Powder: 

When it comes to sweetness, nothing beats red maca powder and just like its name suggests, the powder is obtained from red maca roots. Due to its popularity, red maca is made from 25 percent of all the harvest that is recorded and a year.

Premium Maca Powder:  

Since each variety of maca has different health benefits, it’s expensive to buy all the types of this herb at once. It’s therefore important to settle for premium maca powder – this is made by mixing the roots of different maca plants.

When you use this blended maca, you are assured of getting all the nutrients from just a single spoon. That means you will be getting many benefits at once.

Maca Powder Dosage:

You might be desperately looking to lose weight but that doesn’t mean that you should take maca powder irresponsibly. The reality is that everything should be done in moderation. Too much of anything tends to lead to problems.

It’s recommended that you start with one spoon per day and then increase the intake gradually with time. This will allow you to judge your body’s reaction, then increase the quantity accordingly. Remember, it doesn’t work for everyone, so there is no need to dive right into the deep end before you are sure if you will get any benefits. Always consult with a medical professional before adding something like this to your regime.

You can add maca to your tea, protein shakes, smoothies and yogurt. Don’t make the mistake of adding maca to food that’s still cooking because all the nutrients can be destroyed by the high temperatures.

Why Maca Powder Rocks:   

Maca powder works by keeping your hormones in check and energy levels up.  It’s great to take before a workout, or added to your shakes.

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