Smoking Tuna. The Ultimate Guide

Tuna. A really great tasting fish. And, it can even taste better if you are going to smoke it. However, then you should smoke it correctly.

Tuna is expensive in some countries, so if you have tuna and you are thinking about smoking it, you need to make sure that you are going to have the best tasting, smoking tuna.

With this guide to smoking tuna, you will be able to smoke it correctly, and you will have tuna that you and your whole family will enjoy.

Can You Smoke Tuna Just Like Other Meat?

The first thing that you might think, is that tuna will be difficult to smoke. This is because of the texture of the fish, and smoking can make it difficult to handle.

However, this isn’t completely true. Yes, the tuna has a different texture than meat, but with the right preparations, you will have tuna that can be smoked correctly.

And, the steps of smoking tuna aren’t really different from smoking any other type of meat. Only the time needed for smoking might be different.

The Type of Tuna That You Need for Smoking

If you don’t have the right piece of tuna, then you aren’t going to have the best tasting smoked tuna.

First of all, the tuna should be of high quality. This is the only way to ensure that you are going to have the best-tasting tuna.

When you have a large piece of tuna, it is recommended that you should slice it in thinner pieces of tuna. Like steak. This will make the smoking process faster and more effective. Just make sure that the pieces you are slicing, isn’t too thin.

Then the fish can fall apart when it is smoked. If you don’t have tuna, you can always make use of Yellowfin. This will give you the same taste and is just as easy to smoke.

Essential Ingredients That You Will Need

There are a couple of essential thing and ingredients that you need in order for you to smoke your tuna correctly. Without these things, the end result will just not be the same.

The first thing is your smoker. It can be any type of smoker, as long as it is able to smoke different wood flavors. This is where the second essential thing comes in.

The wood chips that you need to use should be peach or cherry wood. This is going to give a much better taste to the smoked tuna. Other wood can be used, but this isn’t recommended if you want the best tasting, smoking tuna.

The spices for the tuna rub are also important. You should just make sure that you know what spices you want in the rub, or you should consider using spices like rosemary, salt, brown sugar, black pepper, and lemon juice.

There are also people that are using white wine as well. This is just a guideline. You can basically add any spice you want.

Guide to Smoke Tuna Correctly

This is the guide on how to smoke your tuna correctly so that it is full of flavor and has a great smokey taste.

  • Prepare your tuna as said earlier. Slice tuna in thinner slices, but not to thin. Rub the tuna with the spices you decided on.
  • Preheat your smoker and make sure that you use the recommended wood chips. The peach or cherry wood. The temperature should be between 190°F to 200°F for smoking tuna.
  • Place the tuna directly onto the grill. Don’t put them in a pan first. It won’t get the right smokey taste.
  • When you see that the tuna became flaky, then it is ready. The time that you need to smoke your tuna will depend on the thickness of the tuna, and the amount of tuna you have in the smoker. But, normally smoking will take between 1 to 2 hours. Don’t over smoke them.
  • Serve them while they are still hot, for the best taste.

Last Tips to Remember When Smoking Tuna

You should remember that tuna and other fish don’t want to be over-cooked. This is going to make the fish dry. Even, if you are smoking the fish.

The tuna should be of high quality, to get the best flavor and taste. Cheap tuna that you might think is a bargain, will not have the same taste. The fresher the fish, the better.

With the smoker, it is essential to use peach or cherry wood chips. This will give a sweet taste to the tuna. Making it taste different than just grilling it on your griller.

Smoked tuna is delicious. Especially, if you love eating tuna in general. With this guide, you will know for sure that you are going to have the best smoking tuna, with the best flavors.

And, you will know that it is important not to over smoking it.


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